Looking for a special way to express your feelings and can’t find the right words?

Maybe you want to thank a friend for listening, show your sister how much she means to you, say an overdue “thank you” to your parents, return some brotherly love, or simply say “sorry” to a friend for missing their birthday.  

Whatever the reason, the reality is it’s easy to get tongue tied when we’re searching for words that come from the heart, and sometimes we all need a little help to articulate those powerful emotions. Thanks to Baci®, we can now turn to the proven magic of music to do the talking for us! With their carefully curated trio of sentimental playlists on the Baci® Perugina® Official profile page, for all Spotify users across the globe, you can now share your feelings with friends, family and those you care about most, by sending your favourite tracks.

If you want to say “I love you” to that special person in our life try sending a selection of romantic songs and let the lyrics describe your innermost passion – You can even select a personal favourite track from the list and make it ‘your song’, a feel good reminder of your most intense feelings for each other. Listen to our playlist: Say “I love you” with Baci® Or perhaps you want to remind close family and friends how much they mean to you.

Tell them “I care” with a playlist that expresses your feelings when you are struggling to. It’s easy to take loved ones for granted but having the chance to let them know how important they are is never a chance that should be missed. Listen to our playlist: Say “I care” with Baci® And finally, sometimes we all need a little help to say “I’m sorry.”

Admitting we are wrong is always hard, but when those two words are encapsulated so eloquently by song it’s a wonderful way to turn those frowns into forgiving smiles. Listen to our playlist: “Say "I’m sorry” with Baci® Take your pick of the trio of carefully chosen playlists on Baci® Perugina®’s official account. Share your emotion and express yourself through the power of song and make your friends, family and loved ones’ day.