If Baci® Perugina®’s Love Notes were to take life, how would they inspire you to live?

Baci® Perugina® presents a series of videos on the lessons of love and affection in its Love Note To Live Note series. In each video we take one special Love Note and bring it to life for you to discover how to live in the spirit of Baci® Perugina®.

As artisanal Italian chocolates founded on a love story in 1922, Baci® Italian Chocolates are synonymous with love and affection and are the perfect way for saying that you care, the Italian way.

Each Baci® contains a Love Note with inspirational quotes from famous philosophers, authors and artists which make every Baci® Perugina® even more special. 


Love Note #54: Seek the very heart of the person you love.Tommaso d’Aquino.

These are the words of Italian Saint Thomas Aquinas, 1225-1274, an influential medieval philosopher and scholar. He also described love as “the will of good to another”. Why don’t you let these virtuous words guide you in connecting to your those that you care for? The love of a mother, of a true friend, or of a lover – whatever kind of love it is, love is always a beautiful adventure but can be baffling to even the best of us. Thankfully Baci® Perugina® has found the wise words that can help you down the right path of true love and affection.

Keep an eye out for the next videos in the series as we invite you to enter into Baci®’s world of love and affection and discover how to live the beautiful phrases with Baci® Perugina®.