Baci® Perugina®Original Dark

Ingredients and wrapper of Baci Original Dark

Baci® Perugina® Original Dark, created in1922, inspired by the original recipe by Luisa Spagnoli, which is still today enviously preserved. This is why Baci® Perugina® is so special.

Baci® Perugina® is much more than a simple chocolate ... it's a unique encounter: the soft inner with hazelnut grains and cocoa reaches the apex of crunchiness with the whole hazelnut and it is coated by the double cover of fine dark chocolate Luisa®. Every time is a unique and unrepeatable experience.

A small masterpiece that preserves a message: the love note, which has always accompanied Baci® Perugina®, making every Baci® a unique and special experience.

Dark chocolate praline with hazelnuts filling.

Ingredients: sugar, HAZELNUTS 26%, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, anhydrous butter (MILK), MILK powder, emulsifier lecithins, natural vanilla flavouring. MAY CONTAIN OTHER TREE NUTS.

Store in a cool dry place.

Important: young children (less than 4 years) have limited chewing ability and could choke on small candies.


Energy 2353 kJ / 566 kcal
of which saturates
37,9 g
14,1 g
of which sugars
44,7 g
41,9 g
Fibre 6,6 g
Protein 7,1 g
Salt 0,03 g