Baci® knows love and affection. Made from the finest chocolate that covers a crunchy gianduja filling topped with a whole hazelnut, Baci® Italian chocolates is the best Valentine’s Day gift.
From Baci®, the messenger of love and affection, here are some interesting facts and inspirational ideas for you to create an unforgettable Valentine’s Day.

Love is at the centre of Baci®’s history. From the medieval city of Perugia in the heart of Italy, the love story of Baci®  Perugina®  began with its founder, Luisa Spagnoli, when she exchanged secret romantic notes wrapped around the chocolates with her lover. These handwritten notes have come a long way over the years – there are now hundreds of notes full of powerful words of philosophers, classical writers, contemporary artists and proverbs that can fill any moment with the perfect emotions.


From South America to Italy, lovers have found a lot of ways to celebrate their love on February 14. Going back many centuries, Valentines Day has gathered a number of legends and traditions that always link back to the theme of love.

One of the more popular legends is the story of one Saint Valentine, who heard a couple of sweethearts arguing one day so he picked a rose from his garden, took it to them and asked them to hold the rose between their hands. Saint Valentine had given the young couple a kind of blessing – they made up, got married, and lived happily ever after.

Thus February 14 evolved in many countries as a day for love and affection. Whilst flowers and chocolates have become widely accepted Valentine’s Day gestures, some places in the world mark the day differently. In Hungary for example, tradition asks for lovers to go into the woods with other young men and women to gather snowdrops. In Holland on the other hand, couples exchange liquorice hearts, in place of chocolate, and in Wales, they give each other carved wooden spoons.


Looking for ways to create an evening that is all your own? Take it a step further with Baci® Perugina chocolates, they are the perfect addition to your romantic dinner. Decorate your table with single Baci® that will be a welcome surprise that awaits with its secret message, or piled high in its shiny silver wrapping begging for you to unwrap them one by one with your loved one.

Make sure to look for the limited-edition Baci® Perugina® packs, released just in time for Valentine's Day. Find Baci® Perugina® truffles made from its irresistible blend of dark chocolate, gianduja and hazelnut in a variety of specially marked confections, ready to be shared with the ones you love and care the most.

For those who want to show off some cooking skills on this special evening, the Baci® mousse is bound to get hearts melting in a sweet delight. The recipe is easy to follow, and you are just a handful of ingredients and few steps away from wowing your loved one.

To complete the mood, set the right soundtrack to your magical evening with Baci®’s very own personalised playlist. Find a complete list of songs with the romantic vibes from all-time favourites to fresh hits, guaranteed to make your valentine sway.


Need a little lesson on how to express love the Italian way, that is, the Baci® way? Find out what ‘Romantico’ means, one of the many words in the Baci® Dictionary of Love and Affection video series.

Love Note #136 of the Love Note to Live Note series celebrates the words of the wise and reverent Saint Catherine of Siena: “All of you are trees of love: You cannot live without love.” Watch the full video below and get a peek into the wonderful world of Baci®’s Love Notes.