From the 13th to the 22nd of October, chocolate lovers around the world will turn to beautiful Umbria in Italy for the 24th edition of Eurochocolate – the largest chocolate festival in Europe that takes place in the heart of the old city of Perugia, the birthplace of Baci® Perugina®. This 10-day festival will host over 130 companies engaged in the production of chocolate, both craft and industrial chocolate makers, who will once again transform the charming medieval streets of Perugia into an all-senses experience into the world of chocolate for the hundreds of thousands of visitors who come for this very special event.

Baci® Perugina® has been at the core of artisanal chocolate in Italy for generations since 1922, and, like previous editions of the festival, takes part in this year’s Eurochocolate as a chocolate sponsor, sharing with visitors the passion for chocolate and its long history that started in the very region of Perugia. A host of activities will be available that allow visitors to share the emotions that only Baci® Perugina® Chocolates is made synonymous with, the highlight being the not-to-be-missed live Chocolate Sculptures event on Sunday the 15th of October where, in the open piazza, chocolate sculptors will turn giant chocolate blocks into works of art right before your eyes. Other activities include special degustations of Baci® Chocolates and cooking demonstrations where visitors can be inspired by chocolate maestros.

This year also marks the 110th anniversary of Perugina®, and to celebrate, the Perugina® Casa del Cioccolato has organised special “full immersion” guided tours to coincide with the festival on  saturday  14th and 21th, where visitors can discover the history and making of Baci® Perugina®, from cacao bean to Italian icon. For chocolate connoisseurs keen to learn the art of chocolate making, a trip to Perugia will not be complete without a course at the Perugina® School of Chocolate where participants explore the secrets of chocolate-making, along with a number of techniques that can be replicated in the home, all taught by passionate Chocolate Maestros of Baci® Perugina®.

Music is the key theme for this year’s Eurochocolate, under the title ‘Tutta un’altra Musica’. Visitors can expect a number of activities and musical events, street performers, and an awe-inspiring, interactive 4 metre-long piano made of real white and dark chocolate. Get into the theme with Baci® Perugina®’s very own playlist, or pass it onto a loved one, for handpicked songs guaranteed to move any heart.

Get full details on the Eurochocolate 2017 at the official site.