How well do you know the vocabulary of love and affection? Starting with ‘A’ for ‘Adagio’, Baci® Perugina® shares with you the Baci® Dictionary of Love and Affection. Words that make you feel and that make you live, from the place where Baci® was founded and where its heart is, and always will be: Italy. It was in 1922, in Perugia, Italy, that the love story of the young chocolate maker Luisa Spagnoli became the beginnings of Baci® Perugina®.

Baci® takes you there with this series of short videos and does what Baci® does best – it creates a timeless dictionary for a life full of joy. Let Baci® Perugina® take you on a journey of love and affection through words that reveal the true heart and soul of Italy.

Adagio [aˈdɑdʒo] means slow. At Baci® Perugina®, this means ‘good things take time’. We live in an instant gratification society, but there are certain pleasures in life one should never rush.

In Italy we live by this saying, whether it’s in creating a good wine, cooking a flavorsome sauce, enjoying a meal with family on Sunday afternoon, or the way an artisan crafts a handsome sheet of leather – we understand good things in life are to be worked on, savored, enjoyed, and absorbed.

So, “adagio”: could there be any better word to describe a life that brings you joy? Let and live, today and every day, and see the branches grow. Love and friendships, or that simple passion you are pursuing, remember “adagio”: it’s the Italian way.

Look out for the next videos in the series as we invite you to learn some special words the Baci® way, that is, in the spirit of love and affection from Italy. Discover what B is for in the Italian Dictionary of Love and Affection.