Baci Perugina 100 years anniversary

The first 100 years of Baci® Perugina®

A momentous anniversary to celebrate the success of Baci® Perugina®

It was the year 1922 when Luisa Spagnoli combined hazelnut bits, left over from other products, with a whole hazelnut and then covered it all with a layer of Luisa® dark chocolate. This simple, yet inviting, combination was named the Cazzotto, or Punch, because of its resemblance to the knuckle of a clenched hand.

The Cazzotto later became the Bacio and the rest is history... a story 100 years young that has accompanied the most wonderful and authentic emotions that make the heart beat and which never cease to amaze. Luisa Spagnoli and her brilliant intuition made history to create a masterpiece of flavours that has accompanied Italians—and people around the world—for 100 years: Baci® Perugina®.

Baci® Perugina®, unique ingredients for a special message

The timeless emotion of Baci® Perugina® is the result of a simple yet special recipe that has remained unchanged over the years. The double layer of Luisa® dark chocolate covers the creamy nut chocolate and crunchy hazelnut core, topped by the whole hazelnut to create a marriage of flavours and textures that people fall in love with at the very first bite.

And the inserts have made Baci® Perugina® iconic, bearers of love notes and special messages that are unique and inimitable, words capable of moving and touching the hearts of those who receive them.

10 years after their birth, Baci® Perugina® journeyed across the Atlantic where their own store opened on New York’s famed Fifth Avenue. There, they worked their magic with their silver and blue-printed wrappers and love messages, wrappers which in just a few years became adorned with the same midnight-blue stars found on the inserts.

The recipe and inserts, combined with the quality and authenticity of a product that embodies the best of Italian excellence, are the characteristics that have made Baci® Perugina® a truffle known and renowned around the world.

Baci® Perugina® a story 100 years young

Over the years, the fame of Baci® Perugina® has grown and with it success, bringing with it new packaging—alongside its classic boxes—and new tastes and flavours, as always exclusive and intriguing, to better respond to its admirers.

Baci® Perugina® Milk is the perfect truffle for an exceptional break that will be difficult to forgo.

For those who prefer something more intense, now there is Baci® Perugina® Extra Dark 70% that offers pure, lingering pleasure. And so, year-after-year, Baci® Perugina® is there with something new to meet the preferences of consumers and chocolate lovers.

Baci® is also trendy and innovative fashion, thanks to the first Limited Edition in its history. From naturally-pink Ruby chocolate comes a praline that is velvety to the touch and which, thanks to the special processing of the cocoa beans, has a fruity, fresh flavour. The result is Baci® Perugina® Limited Edition Ruby, which opens the way to a second Limited Edition Gold, an exciting experience of new tastes and emotions that amaze at first glance: a unique amber colour combined with the velvety caramel flavour that surrounds the classic crunchy hazelnut chocolate centre.

Baci® Perugina® - timeless emotion

Happy Birthday to an Italian masterpiece that never goes out of style! Baci® Perugina®, a story 100 years young and so many emotions still to be written.