Mother's Day INTL

Mother’s Day: Perfect Gifts and Some Other Small Ideas

Wondering what gift would be perfect on this Mother’s Day? Here are some of our ideas to help you out.

Mother’s Day is closer and closer, and all the moms out there deserve the day to be celebrated in the most perfect way. For those of you who are looking for some small inspirations and gift ideas, here are the suggestions from Baci® Perugina®to organize an unforgettable day dedicated entirely to your moms.

On this Mother’s Day let’s not think of expensive presents. More appreciated are the ideas created from the heart that will make her feel even more loved.

To demonstrate our affection, nowadays we mostly pick daisies or gerberas as a gift on Mother's Day. However, the flowers originally intended for this occasion were completely different. The flowers initially chosen were proposed to emphasize the courage, the dedication and the spirit of sacrifice of a mother for their children.


Mother's Day: The Origins of the Holiday

To discover the origins of Mother's Day, we must go back to the United States in 1908 when after three years of her mother's death, Anna Jarvis wanted to organize a commemoration day dedicated to her mother’s commitment to the fight for peace and to the encouragement and support she had always given to Anna during her years of study at the university.

Many of Anna's friends and supporters managed to convince a number of American ministers and businessmen to set up a national day to remember all mothers. In 1911, Mother's Day was already so widespread almost all over the United States that in 1914 it was made an official holiday by President Woodrow Wilson.

Mother's Day: Which Flowers to Give to Your Mother

The only flower that Anna Jarvis could see fit for the celebration of this day were the white carnations, which not only do not lose their petals for days, but also represent the truth, the purity and the great charity of maternal love.
So why not give a nice bouquet of white carnations to moms on this occasion? By lasting much longer they will also prolong the holiday spirit around the house.
If you prefer to go for a more colorful gift for your mom, you can easily choose peonies that were once described as "Like roses, but without thorns and having flowers twice the size". The peonies stand for love and affection, as well as show value and nobility. What a perfect flower to give to mothers! Peonies have a delicate scent, they are long lasting and can be found in many varieties of colors.

Another flower that can be an interesting idea for a gift on Mother’s Day is the amaryllis, which thanks to its long stem and majestic large flower symbolizes elegance, pride, and beauty.

Still can’t find anything close to your heart? There are so many other flower options to choose from to present to your mom. You can go for azaleas, camellias, lilies, gladioli, tulips, roses, orchids, and of course the daisies or gerberas.

Arrange the flowers of your choice into a beautiful vase decorated them with a complementary bow, and of course do not forget Baci® Perugina® Original Dark Bijou. It’s one of the most popular flavors of Baci® Perugina® with its soft filling of hazelnut grains and cocoa, completed with a whole hazelnut on top and a double coat of fine dark chocolate Luisa®


Mother's Day: DIY Gift Ideas to Help Kids Get Creative

We can also help you with some gift ideas handmade by the children for this Mother's Day. These presents will for sure be less costly but will absolutely make any mom's heart melt away. Here are some small gifts that fathers and older siblings can get the kids of the house to prepare.

For Mom: Twin Bracelets from Colored Threads
Older siblings can help the younger ones to create bracelets as a gift to their mom. You can use cotton or wool threads in all the colors of your choice. To make sure that your bracelets don’t end up too short, use one of your mom’s older bracelets. 
All you should do is to create a three-strand braid for each of the bracelets. Choose 3 colors of threads and adjust the thickness to your liking to make your bracelets as wide as you want.
Start by knotting the threads at one end, braid it down till the end and close it up with another knot. Create two identical bracelets of the same color scheme so the kid and the mom can wear the identical ones!
Once you have the bracelets ready, hide them into the box of Baci® Perugina® Assorted Bijou, so that when she gets to open the gift, she can find your sweet handmade bracelet and at the same time give it a taste to the delicious flavors of The Dark, the White and the Milk.

For Mom: Gift Cards of Small Chores:
Another easy-to-carry-out gift idea to mothers from their kids can be a series of gift cards! Prepare colorful rectangular cards to the size of a credit card, get the children to design them and write down the series of activities that your kids can gift to mom, such as a massage on the shoulders, setting up or cleaning up the table, tidying up the room, etc. For sure you can find endless examples of this kind of gifts. 
To surprise mom even more, wrap the gift cards together with some sweet Baci® Perugina® Milk Bijou.

For Mom: A Handmade Greetings Card
Another gift idea that you can help your kids to easily recreate at home is the classic greetings card. You can get as creative as you want here, but we suggest starting with a white or colored card and let the children decorate it with colored pencils and felt-tip pens. Drawings of hearts and stars, dedications or little poems will make any mom feel loved and appreciated. 
You can also decorate the card with paper collages in form of flowers, hearts or all that your imagination suggests. Decide upon the desired design with your kids and help them cut all the necessary elements. All is left do now is just to have fun with some glue, and the greetings card for mom will be ready in a flash! Deliver it with Baci® Perugina® Extra Dark Bijou and Mother's Day will be even sweeter!

Mother's Day: DIY Gifts for Adults

Think you’re too adult to make collages and drawings as a present on Mother’s Day?  
® Perugina® has ideas for you as well.

Gift Ideas for Mom: A Day of Relaxation
Nothing will be more appreciated than an entire day of relaxation for your mother. All the family can gather together to give a perfect start to mom’s day by surprising her with breakfast in bed. Prepare her some tea or coffee with a fresh croissant or toast, which will leave her speechless.

To give your mom a whole day of rest, you would, of course, have to take up all the burden of the housework as well. Things like making dinner, setting up the table, tidying up the kitchen, doing the laundry or anything else that your mom could usually take care of around the house. If no one in the family is that good at cooking, try to organize a special dinner night out in your mom’s favorite restaurant. Choose Baci® Perugina® Milk Stick  to share together and give the evening the well-deserved perfect ending!


Gift Ideas for Mom: A DIY Beauty Treatment

For those kids who live the life of a busy adult and who usually wait for the last minute to think of a gift for Mother's Day, here is a last-minute idea for a homemade body scrub made at practically no cost.

You will need a glass jar with a lid and a few ingredients that can easily be found in the kitchen. Mix into the glass jar 1 cup of ground coffee, 1 cup coconut oil and half a cup of white or brown sugar. On a piece of paper, write down the instructions to use and tie it with a ribbon around the neck of the jar. Before treating any area of your body make sure it is wet first and then start by gently rubbing the mixture. Do not forget of course to accompany the beauty jar with your mom’s favorite Baci® Perugina®.


Gift Ideas for Mom: 365 Reasons to Love Her

Being a father yourself, you might also feel the need of an idea to wow your partner on Mother’s Day. Even though we should celebrate the motherhood every day of the year, we quite often forget about it. And how should we make amends? Well, by writing on 365 colored cards all the reasons why we love her and are grateful for her. In addition to letting her know about all the great qualities you appreciate in her and all the things that make your relationship special, you can also dedicate her poems, phrases from your favorite songs, remind her of your happy moments together, or share with her your life goals or intentions.

Fold each piece of paper in two or four and put them all into a large jar. Make the gift even sweeter by adding your mom’s favorite Baci® Perugina® into the jar. Decorate the jar with a colorful label with a small note that says “365 reasons why you're the best mom". Wrap the label with a ribbon around the neck of the jar to give a more romantic touch to your Mother’s Day gift.