On Valentine’s Day, where there’s love, there’s Baci®

On Valentine’s Day, where there’s love, there’s Baci®

Do you want to melt the heart of those you love? Read Baci® Perugina®’s tips on gifts and ideas for Valentine's Day to surprise someone special.

Do you want to make a romantic surprise for a special person on Valentine's Day?

With the day of love just around the corner you are probably wondering how to spend the 14th of February in the sweetest way possible. You may be looking for ideas to surprise the person who has taken your heart. Be inspired, discover how the tradition of Valentine's Day was born with the exchange of flowers, romantic tickets and chocolates.



The origin of Valentine's Day goes all the way back to the ancient Romans. February was considered the month of preparation for the season of rebirth, spring, and was celebrated with a pagan rite. When the tradition became Christian, Saint Valentine was consecrated as the protector of loversIt is said, in fact, that the saint reconciled a couple who were fighting, using a rose. They subsequently got married, and asked the saint to celebrate it with them. Saint Valentine died on February 14th, hence the significance of this day.


Flowers remain the most popular gift on Valentine's Day. They may seem trivial, but the numerous colours and fragrant bouquet of flowers are always able to warm people's hearts. Each and every flower has its own meaning that at times can be difficult to express in words.
If you give red roses you are declaring your romantic love; if you want to say "I love you" you can also choose tulips. For passionate love, choose camellias and if, on the other hand, you want to celebrate with a person you’ve only recently met, lilacs are the flowers for you. To celebrate affection and friendship, daisies are perfect to say "thank you" in an original way.
Let them find the right flowers on the morning of Valentine's Day as they wake up, or have them delivered to their office, and just a tip: don’t forget the greeting card!


The tradition of Valentine's day greeting cards began in the nineteenth century in Anglo-Saxon countries where "Valentine" referred to cards of love and affection that were exchanged between lovers. These cards often came with the image of a heart, dove or Cupid.
In the mid-nineteenth century the American Esther Howland began the production of Valentine's Day greeting cards. It was an immediate success, one that earned her the title of "The Mother of the American Valentine".


Literature is full of romantic phrases perfect to use for a special Valentine's day dedication.
But if you want to be original and are looking for something that is romantic and at the same time sweet, go for the chocolates of Baci® Perugina®. You can choose from the traditional taste of Baci® Perugina® Original Dark, the sweetness of Baci® Perugina® Milk or the unique taste of Baci® Perugina® Extra Dark 70%. All Baci® Perugina®, from the beginning of their story, are wrapped with notes containing phrases of famous people, perfect to be dedicated to a special person.
If you want to add a romantic touch to your Valentine's Day gift, personalize your card by choosing a photo of you and that special person together, or maybe perhaps an image of the restaurant chosen to spend your romantic moment together.




Another old Valentine's Day tradition is to give chocolates.
Once upon a time, chocolate was something that could be enjoyed by just a chosen few, so gifting chocolates not only meant sharing something sweet, but was considered a very special gift. Today there are all sorts of varieties of chocolates, but only Baci® Perugina® chocolates have always been the chocolates of Valentine’s Day, par excellence.
The merit goes entirely to Luisa Spagnoli, who in 1922 invented the Baci® Perugina®: a sweet creation consisting of the encounter of a soft heart of hazelnut and hazelnut grains, a whole hazelnut and a double coating of fine Luisa® dark chocolate. All were wrapped in paper notes on which small messages of love were written.
In just five years, one hundred million Baci® were produced and sold, and in 1956 it was decided to advertise them as the Valentine's Day chocolates to couple with flowers as "a gift of class that always goes appreciated", as the saying went in the historical advertisement.
Even until this day, Baci® Perugina® have remained the chocolates to be given on Valentine's Day and year after year they are always the right gift to surprise someone special, celebrate friendship, a long-standing relationship or even a newly found love.