Baci Perugina with tea

Taste Baci® Perugina® with tea

Which tea goes with Baci® Perugina®? Here are the best combinations for the different flavours.

When it comes to combining tea, you immediately realise the great variety of flavours that this ancient drink offers us. Precisely for this reason, the combination with Baci® Perugina® will give life to an almost infinite series of nuances of taste and sensory experiences for our taste buds. Let's start with the best combinations possible using Baci® Perugina® Original Dark and Baci® Perugina® Extra Dark 70% and tea.

Given the characteristics of intense flavour, an Earl Gray with citrus and bergamot will be the perfect companion both for the taste of the hazelnut and cocoa mix of Baci® Perugina® Original Dark and for the stronger flavour of Baci® Perugina® Extra Dark 70%.

The combination between Baci® Perugina® Extra Dark 70% and mint tea (or peach, red berry or Malawi teas) offers an amazing palatal experience.

We must pay more attention when combining Baci® Perugina® Extra Dark 70% with Chinese green tea. The strong toasty notes of the Gunpowder or Chun Mee can make the dark chocolate taste disappear, while they perfectly match with Baci® Perugina® Original Dark, which keeps the characteristics of the hazelnuts more intense.

Matching Baci® Perugina® Milk with tea enhances the natural notes of vanilla, obtaining a unique harmonious taste.

Try them in combination with rosehip tea and all other infusions with a delicate flavour that will not cover their aroma.

Avoid Matcha, Genmaicha and Sencha tea as they would be overpowered by the taste of the milk chocolate.