Celebrate International Friendship Day with Baci Perugina

Baci® Perugina® celebrates Friendship Day

They say friendship is the greatest gift of life. Cherish it with Baci® Perugina®

International Friendship Day is upon us, which gives us the perfect chance to stop for a moment to cherish these beautiful, inspiring, or even crazy and odd people around us that we treasure as our friends. Your friends have been through everything with you. They are the ones that you can share your deepest, darkest secrets with, they make you who you are. As the famous English poet Edward Young once said, “friendship is the strength which embraces our souls”. What would life be without your friend who is just as unusual or strange as you are?

At Baci® Perugina®, we honor love in all its different forms, and have been doing this since 1922. And whilst love gets all the big headlines, we also know that friendship is where the action is – because how can there be love if there is no friendship to begin with? That’s why our legendary love notes contain phrases by famous poets, philosophers and writers such as:

  • Friendship is the wine of life. – Edward Young
  • Friendship is a marriage of souls. – Voltaire
  • Friends are those that contain the reason to be loved. – Cicero
  • Friendship doubles our joy and divides our grief. – Francis Bacon
  • Friendship is a virtue, and is accompanied by other virtues. – Aristotle

In times where technology has made it easier than ever for us to stay connected to our friends, the mindfulness of a face-to-face conversation, or the small gesture of a gift opens up the possibilities of better understanding this art that is friendship. Like art, friendship is not always easy to understand, but we know that friendship is what has warmed us in the winters of our discontent.

This Friendship Day, recreate this special moment with your friends, and when you are ready, Baci® Perugina® will be there for you to lend a helping hand – and even a voice. Because in case you hadn’t heard, Baci® Perugina®chocolates with its legendary love notes have been around for generations, passed on palm-to-palm of friends, families, lovers and all the other unique relationships in between that we love to celebrate. So go on, give the gift of joy to your friend or friends and give a Baci® this Friendship Day.

True friends are a joy and a blessing in life, and Baci® Perugina® will let them understand just that.