Father’s Day: original gift ideas

Father’s Day: original gift ideas

Stressed about what to give on Father’s Day? Here’s our advice for unique ideas!

Father's Day is the perfect occasion to say thanks to dad and honor their love.
No matter where you live, all dads in the world have a day dedicated to them, even if they may be on different dates and celebrated in different ways. At the same time, families everywhere come to the same dilemma: what on earth do you do for Father's Day?

Creating something unique and personal, instead of the usual gift of ties, perfumes or aftershave, is simpler than what you think, even more so if they are done with the help of others in the family.

Follow our tips for an exciting and unforgettable Father's Day for dad.

Father’s Day Gift: chocolates and flowers

For the more romantic and sensitive dad, chocolates and flowers make for a unique gift that will take them by surprise!
It may seem unusual, but in France, chocolates and flowers are the most traditional gifts to give to dads on Father’s Day, that falls on the third Sunday of June.

A "green" and lasting gift idea for Father's Day can also be a plant or a succulent composition, that’s easy to look after even for those with a black thumb!
Whether you get them flowers or plants, arrange them in the middle of the table for breakfast with coffee, tea and fresh orange juice. The younger ones can help decorate the table with a scattering of Baci® Perugina®, making it the sweetest way to start the day.

The Baci® Perugina® Original Dark is ideal for a father who loves traditional tastes. There is also Baci® Perugina® Milk chocolate for those who love something a little more sweet!
Dads fond of dark chocolate will definitely appreciate Baci® Perugina® Extra Dark 70%.

Father’s Day Gift: Homemade Breakfast

Another original gift idea for Father's Day is a great homemade breakfast, which would melt anyone's heart.

Also here, the cooperation of the whole family is most important for the surprise!
The children can help set the breakfast table, and they can also be very good at arranging everything on a nice tray to surprise dad for a tasty breakfast in bed!
For Father's Day, sweet or savory? Obviously it depends on his personal taste.

Fathers will be delighted to find their favorite cake or pastries in the morning, even better if they are homemade.

For a savory breakfast, you can prepare scrambled eggs, toast or a savory pastry to be served with an orange juice. Mom's help will be essential in the kitchen.

To make the surprise even more special, do not forget the Baci® Perugina® tube and a handwritten greeting card – it will be the icing on the cake of this party!

Father’s Day Gift: Best Dad Award

In the state of Victoria, Australia, on the first Sunday of September, the YMCA Victoria elects the "Local Community Father of the Year" in 32 municipalities across the state.
It would not be bad to have such a competition, but you can certainly give dad an award without having him compete!
There are many ways to create a "Best Dad in the World" certificate. Choose your best family photos to form a collage. Using cardboard as a base, glue the photos on the sides, and decorate the center of the card with a special dedication using bright colors.

You can give him the certificate rolled up and closed with a ribbon, or even get it framed!
If you want everyone to know that yours is the best dad, give them a handmade t-shirt!

All you need is a plain t-shirt and some fabric coloring.
Nobody in the family a talented artist? Not a problem, you can easily find lots of iron-on stickers ready to transfer to fabrics. Choose your favorite photo, design or image, print it on the special sticker, place it on the t-shirt and, using an iron - under the supervision of an adult - transfer it to the fabric.

You will have an original and unique t-shirt to give to the best dad in the world!

Fold it around a Baci® Perugina® Original Dark Bijou box, in a pretty wrapping paper and tied with a bow. You will make his Father's Day truly unforgettable. 

Father’s Day Gift: good will vouchers

For an original last-minute gift for dad by the little ones, help the children to create a special book of good will vouchers.
Cut some cardboard into many smaller pieces. On each piece of cardboard, write in a good deed or a sweet gesture for dad. For example, “One voucher for room cleaning service without any complaining” or "Voucher to throw away the garbage" or "Voucher valid for one hour of total control of the TV remote".

Put everything together and pack in the wrapping paper together with a Baci® Perugina® Original Dark Bijou!

Surely every father will be happy to receive a voucher book like this.

The book can also be customized with drawings, colors, and photos. Unleash your imagination!

Gift Idea for Father’s Day: a unique bookmark

A truly original gift idea for Father's Day is a bookmark that can also become a really witty key ring or an enviable piece of jewelry.
To make the bookmark simply take a picture of the family posing with the arms raised and holding hands, as if they are hanging of a rod.
Print the photo on colored paper then cut out the shapes as closely as possible to the edge of the linked figures. 
Attach the shape onto a piece of cardboard using glue.

When it has dried entirely, laminate it then cut again around the edges and punch a small hole near one of the hands. It must be big enough to let a ribbon through if you want to create a bookmark, or a ring to make a sweet key ring!

With a picture of the whole family, it will make the key ring even more valuable!
Place the bookmark or key ring in a Baci® Perugina® Milk Bijou wrapped in gift wrap and celebrate altogether, discovering all your favorite flavors.