Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to surprise your loved one with Baci® Perugina®, the sweet messengers of the universal language of love. Whether you want to say “I love you” or show that special person you’re thinking about them, let Italian Baci® Perugina®, do the talking for you on February 14th. Afterall, every love story starts with a kiss.

From the medieval city of Perugia in the heart of Italy the timeless love story of Baci® Perugina®, began with their inventor, Luisa Spagnoli, when she exchanged secret romantic notes wrapped around the chocolates with her lover. That’s why each carefully crafted Baci® Perugina® comes wrapped in a thoughtful inspiring quote, in a selection of languages. 

Each message contains the powerful words of philosophers, classical writers, contemporary artists and proverbs making the romantic sentiment even more memorable when followed by a Baci® Perugina®, an exquisite fine chocolate with a crunchy hazelnut heart.

Baci® Perugina® are the chocolates born of romantic legend that have enabled lovers around the world to express themselves for nearly 100 years, in a way that only Baci® Perugina® knows how…

Personalise this February 14th with your own unforgettable love story, express your feelings and put a secret smile on the lips of someone you love. Give a Baci® Perugina® this Valentine’s Day and let that sweet moment last forever.