On the outskirts of Perugia, Italy, there is an extraordinary place where visitors can discover and revel in all of the pleasures of chocolate.

Welcome to the Perugina® Casa del Cioccolato. Opened in 1997 on Perugina®’s 90th anniversary, the Casa del Cioccolato enthrals visitors and “cioccolato” connoisseurs from far and wide. CNN named the Casa del Cioccolato one of the top five destinations for chocolate lovers, and The New York Times listed Casa del Cioccolato as a “must-see” for anyone visiting Perugia.

When you visit the Casa del Cioccolato, first you’ll start with a tour of the Perugina® Museum, the Museo Storico Perugina®, where you’ll learn everything from how just one cocoa bean is magically transformed into rich chocolate to the roots of Perugina® history from its start as a tiny workshop producing sugared almonds, and its rise to become a chocolate icon and Italy’s most beloved chocolate maker.

Next you’ll encounter the heart of Perugina®: the chocolate factory. A raised path reveals a glimpse into the workshop and production line. Visitors look on as the famous Italian kisses, Baci® Perugina®, take shape and witness the masterful skill with which craftspeople bring Perugina chocolate to life. A collection of sensations and discoveries accompanied by intense aromas make this an unforgettable experience.