Best Valentine’s Day traditions with Baci® Perugina®

On Valentine’s Day, where there’s love, there’s Baci® Perugina®

Do you want to touch the heart of the person you love? Read the Baci® Perugina® suggestions for gifts and ideas to move the person dear to your heart on Valentine’s Day.

The approach of Valentine’s Day often gives rise to myriad questions about the sweetest possible way to spend the day. How to surprise the person you love? What are the best ideas for celebrating February 14th?
Before answering these questions, let’s discover how the tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day was born.


The stories and legends that surround this wonderful holiday come from French tradition and Shakespearian English literature, but to discover the origins of Valentine’s Day festivities, we need to go back to the time of Ancient Rome.

For Christians, St. Valentine is the patron saint of love and lovers. It is said that this saint, using a rose, was able to resolve a lovers’ quarrel and that the couple then decided to marry, asking the saint to officiate.

The common thread that unites all the tales around this holiday is their underlying romantic theme: love and lovers are the indisputable protagonists of this holiday recognized around the world.


Because of their intrinsic significance, flowers have always been one of the most traditional Valentine’s Day gifts people use to touch their partners and express their feelings. Every flower means something different, and for this reason, each of them is the bearer of a real, sincere emotion.

Red roses will express your passion, while for a more romantic gift that says “I love you” in the sweetest way possible, the delicacy of tulips is the perfect choice. Camellias are the symbol of eternal devotion between lovers. Lilacs are the symbol of new love and are the way to celebrate a feeling that has just blossomed. To say “thank you” in a unique way and to express affection and friendship, daisies are the perfect flower!

Don’t forget to accompany your flowers with a special message or personal note. Surprise the recipient with a sweet thought that can communicate your feelings.


The tradition of writing romantic notes on Valentine’s Day began in the 19th century in English-speaking countries where “valentines” were notes expressing love and affection in the shape of a heart, dove or Cupid and which were exchanged by those in love.
In the mid-1800s, American Esther Howland began to manufacture Valentine’s Day greeting cards. They were an immediate success and won her the title of “Mother of the Valentine”.


Literature is filled with romantic and affectionate phrases, perfect for that special note, and Baci® Perugina® has always been a messenger of these by enclosing in the iconic wrapping of their chocolates a special love note that moves and conquers.

In 2022, the centennial of its famous chocolate praline, renew your love by giving Baci® Perugina®: the delicate flavour of its praline is accompanied by a unique phrase that will always amaze the person you love.


Another classic tradition on Valentine’s Day is giving chocolates. In days gone by, chocolate was something only few could afford, so giving chocolates was not only a way of sharing something sweet, a cuddle, it was a very special gift. Today, they come in every shape and flavour, but only Baci® Perugina® remain the epitome of Valentine’s Day chocolates. The credit for this certainly goes to the entrepreneurial spirit of Luisa Spagnoli who in1922 invented Baci® Perugina®: a sweet creation born of the combination of a creamy nut chocolate and crunchy hazelnut core, a whole hazelnut and double layer of fine Luisa® dark chocolate, accompanied by the unique insert containing short love messages. Still today, Baci® Perugina® are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to thrill someone special, celebrate a close friendship, a long-standing relationship or a newly-born love.

Inside the Baci® Perugina® 2022 Valentine’s Day Collection you will find a wealth of ideas for that special, perfect gift sure to delight anyone who receives it.

For a sophisticated gift that will be treasured, choose Red Cuore Elegance, the 2022 Limited Edition created for the centennial in collaboration with Dolce&Gabbana. A unique taste treat that will amaze you at first bite: the distinctive whole hazelnut and chocolate nut centre enhanced by delectable raspberry-flavoured crystals are wrapped in a sublime ruby-red layer for a taste experience to share together with the person you love.

Discover the new Baci® Perugina® 2022 Valentine’s Day Collection and find the right idea to move people dear to you with a sincere message of love. Cuore Elegance is the heart-shaped box containing the ever-popular Luisa® Original Dark chocolates: a small masterpiece that holds a message of love and affection.

Amaze lovers of a bold, striking flavour with the Dark 70% Cuore Elegance and for something smaller but filled with sentiment and love, choose the Cuoricino Elegance: a little box that gives the gift of emotion with Luisa® Original Dark chocolates, the classic favourites.