Baci Perugina 360° Video Journey

An immersive 360° video journey of Baci® Perugina®

Enter the Italian story of Baci® Perugina® in an immersive 360° video.

Enter the Italian story of Baci® Perugina®, a tale infused with passion, genius, art and culture, excellent handcrafting and magic all captivated in an amazing immersive 360 degree video experience exploring the birthplace of the Italian gem.
Learn about the hidden love story behind the beginnings of the legendary Baci® Perugina®, cherished around the world as the chocolate that knows the many meanings of love by heart.

Walk through the cobbled streets of the historical Italian city of Perugia with our guide and discover the world of Baci® Perugina®. Step inside the laboratory where Baci® Perugina® were first invented in 1922, where the secret love between two of the most important people of the city, Luisa Spagnoli and Giovanni Buitoni, blossomed and their shared talent and genius led to the birth of the first Baci® Perugina®.

Enter the modern day Baci® Perugina® chocolate factory which is still strictly related to the soul of the city and its people, where even the coat of arms of the municipality of Perugia bear the griffin that adorns every Baci® Perugina® chocolate.

Baci® Perugina® is the ultimate symbol of that universal feeling that has renewed itself continually over the past 90 years and which still represents the best of Italian values and customs and the universal feelings of all kinds of love, for always and everyone, making this an unforgettable timeless journey. Mobile users can start their 360° immersive Baci® Perugina® journey following the instructions below:

  1. Install YouTube app on your smartphone if you don’t already have it.
  2. Open the Baci VR video link Baci® Perugina®: a 360° video experience on the YouTube app on your phone. 
  3. View the 360° video by moving your phone in different directions, or by sliding your finger across the video display screen - depending on the model of your phone.
  4. If you have a Cardboard Viewer you can have a full Virtual Reality experience! Depending on the OS of your smartphone, you may see a glasses icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the YouTube video screen.

Click on the icon to visualize the video via a split screen; place your smartphone in the Cardboard Viewer and watch the video via the YouTube app.