Baci Perugina Fall Events at Los Angeles Eataly Store

Fall events in Los Angeles

Baci® Perugina® has special in-store events at Eataly Los Angeles.

Perugina® chocolate experts Iwona Adamczyk and Marco Auriti host an array of events to bring in the Fall season in a sweet way. Discover the tutorials and demos to bring out your inner chocolatier.

Los Angeles November events

November 2nd from 3:30 – 7 PM
Baci® Perugina® will be presenting a special FREE Fall Baci-making demo at Eataly Los Angeles. Stop by to see Perugina® instructor Iwona Adamczyk in action as she skillfully prepares fresh Baci® confections that will be unlike anything you’ve ever tasted!

November 3rd from 1 - 2:30 PM
Eataly L.A. will be offering an incredible chocolate workshop led by Perugina® instructor Iwona Adamczyk. Students will use all their senses during an exclusive chocolate tasting of Perugina®’s finest chocolates and then they will have the opportunity to make their own fresh Baci®. Lastly, they will learn how to make and taste a Baci-inspired dessert! Find out more here.